COMy 2018 Webcasts
Hervé Avet- Loisea
Cytogenetics and genomics: an update
Paola Neri
Bases for immunotherapy
Nikhil Munshi
Marc Raab
Drug combinations: the role of signaling pathways
Evangelos Terpos
Bone disease
Rachid Baz
Quality of life considerations in myeloma
Advances in Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
Role of consolidation including double autologous transplant
Joan Blade
Criteria for disease assessment
Elena Zamagni
Novel imaging techniques
How to define smoldering myeloma?
Allogeneic stem cell transplantation for high-risk cytogenetics frontline
The case for monoclonal antibodies
The case for 2nd generation proteasome inhibitors
Practical considerations for the management of frail patients
Yong vs Facon
Debate - Alkylating agents as part of frontline therapy in the elderly
Francesca Gay
Plasma cell leukemia
Niels van de Donk
Ultra-high risk cytogenetics
Practical considerations when using anti-CD38 antibodies
Sagar Lonial
Latest results of immunotherapy
Irene Ghobrial
Prevention of Progression in Multiple Myeloma
Bart Barlogie
The road to cure in a transplant-eligible patient
Optimal management of myeloma in countries w/ limited resources
Arnon Nagler
Role for salvage autologous transplantation
Meral Beksac
IMiDs and proteasome inhibitors
Monoclonal antibodies & Is there an optimal sequencing of therapy?
Maria Victoria Mateos
New drugs in the pipeline
Chemotherapy-based stem cell mobilization
Saad Usmani
Extramedullary disease
Debate - Continuous therapy as a standard of care
Mohty vs Blade
Debate - Autologous transplant frontline for the elderly
Jesus San Miguel
Debate - MRD-driven therapy
Debate - Should we treat smoldering myeloma?
Con: Leleu
Debate - Should we treat smoldering myeloma?
Do affordable & effective strategies in young patients exist?
Kenneth Anderson
Myeloma in 2025
Hervé Avet- Loiseau
MRD evaluation: Practical aspects
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